Can You Spray Paint a Faded Patio Umbrella?

You can hear your patio umbrella telling you “it is not yet the end” when everything else is in perfect condition, but the canopy has a faded fabric. Just take a few hours and restore the color of your umbrella canopy by simply using spray paint. However you can also use rollers or paintbrushes, but in this article, we are going to discuss how to use the spray can. 

Fading of the fabric is mainly caused by strong sun radiations and continuous rainfall. This is why you are advised to store your patio umbrellas indoors when it is off-season. You can also just close it and cover it with an umbrella cover or a plastic sheet. 

How to Spray Paint a Patio Umbrella 

Step 1 

Close down the umbrella and remove the fabric. Clean the fabric because it is normally exposed to dust and dry leaves. You can either use a machine or hand wash the fabric. If you are using a machine, put it in a regular cycle with ordinary soap and rinse with vinegar. 

If you are hand washing, just use ordinary soap/washing detergent and rinse it in chlorine bleach to remove molds and mildew. 

Step 2 

Allow the fabric to dry well. Make sure it is clean enough because paint sticks well on a clean fabric. Spread the fabric on a clean flat surface. Ensure there are no sharp objects that can tear under the fabric.

Step 3

Now is the time to paint the fabric with the first coat. Start on the top side by spraying the vents and the vent edges. Do not forget to spray the undersides with neutral/flat paint. 

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You are advised to spray one section at a time. 

Step 4 

Allow the first coat to dry and then spray the second one. The second coat makes the paint cover evenly. It is hard to have an even coat by applying once. Allow the second coat to dry.

Step 5

You can apply a clear coat to make it shine or apply the waterproof sealer to increase the useful life of your patio umbrella. Put the fabric back on the frame and open up your new patio umbrella. 

Tips/Precautions for Spray Painting a Patio Umbrella 

  • You must have enough spray cans when it comes to spray painting your patio umbrella. For a nine foot patio umbrella, you will need almost five spray cans. 
  • Attach a spray paint gun on the spray can, the spray paint gun makes your finger have an easy job by allowing you to exert just little pressure. 
  • Always wear a painting mask. This is because spray paint is an aerosol and it allows fumes that can affect your health. 
  • Choose a well-ventilated location to spray paint your patio umbrella. Doing so will protect you from the paint fumes that are dangerous to your health. Outdoors is the best place but open garages can also work but use fans and open all windows.
  • Set a cardboard under the umbrella fabric while spraying to prevent overspray. 
  • Clean the umbrella fabric before spray painting. Paint always sticks well on a clean surface. This will result in a smooth paint of true color and long lasting. 
  • Make sure you read all directions on the spray paint can. Always check for the best painting distance and how long it will take to dry before you start painting. 
  • Always test your spray paint on another surface before you apply it on the umbrella fabric.
  • First apply the first coat and allow the paint to settle then apply the second coat. Doing so will make the paint spread evenly over the fabric.
  • Give the fabric time to dry. However, different brands of spray cans have different drying time hence you should read the can to know the drying time. 
  • Regularly clean the spray valve. If the tip of the valve becomes clogged, wipe it with warm water. Avoid sticking a pin or a thin wire into the valve hole. 
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How to Keep Your Patio Umbrella from Fading

The following are tips that will reduce the rate of your patio umbrella fading. These tips will not stop the fading, but they will only reduce the rate of fading: 

Apply a sun-resistant spray at least twice in a month and a waterproof spray every week if it is the rainy season. Doing so will increase the useful life of the fabric and reduce fading. 

Regularly vacuum the umbrella canopy to remove dust and dry leaves. This is because when these dust and leaves stay there for long, they combine with moisture and develop into mold and mildew. Mold and mildew are good agents of fading. 

Try and place your patio umbrella in a shady area when you are not using it. For example, you can put it under trees. 

Avoid using strong bases or acids to wash your umbrella fabric. Chlorine bleach removes molds and mildew, but it should be used in a recommended amount or else it will corrode the fabric paint. 

When the patio umbrella is not in use, close it and cover it with an umbrella cover or use a huge plastic sheet. This prevents direct sun radiations that fade the fabric.

Store your patio umbrella indoors when it is winter or when you see a storm ahead. Doing so will make your umbrella stay for many years and it will also not fade quickly. 

Regularly apply a clear coat on the umbrella fabric. The clear coat will make the original colors shine like they were repainted. 

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Yes, you can spray paint a faded patio umbrella. You should ensure the fabric is clean before you apply the spray paint. Take time and apply two coats of paint and finish up with a weather-guard spray that is both waterproof and sun-resistant. By doing this, your faded patio umbrella will look brand new.