How to Clean Mesh Patio Furniture

Mesh is a knitted fabric that has many closely spaced holes. It can also be said to be a loosely woven fabric. 

Mesh patio furniture is one of the most comfortable outdoor furniture but the problem comes to cleaning it. Cleaning a mesh fabric requires one to follow some strict steps because if you don’t, you can damage the mesh fabric. 

There are two types of mesh patio furniture. They include fabric mesh furniture and plastic mesh furniture. In this article, I am going to talk about the two different approaches to cleaning both types. The steps below will keep your mesh patio furniture shiny all year round.

How to Clean Fabric Mesh Patio Furniture.

Most people consider using vinegar to clean their furniture. But for fabric mesh, you are advised not to do so because this fabric does not go well with acid-based solutions.

What is Required 

  • Two gallons of warm water 
  • A soft bristle brush 
  • Washing powder

Step 1

Start by removing dirt or small stones that are stuck on the fabric. This dirt is removed by scrubbing the fabric with a soft bristle brush. You can use a toothbrush where the dirt is in a tight space that a normal brush cannot reach.

Step 2

Get warm water and mix it with one tablespoon of washing powder or kitchen dishwashing detergent. Sometimes people use cold water but warm water is recommended.

Step 3

Get a soft dried cloth or a good sponge and dip it in the solution we have made above. Then scrub the fabric gently making sure you start with the front view of the furniture.

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Step 4

By using your hand or a spatula wipe the furniture from the top to bottom. After doing this just repeat the procedure on the backside of the furniture 

Step 5

To wash down the soap, rinse the furniture with a gallon of warm water. You can use cold water for rinsing. Make sure all of the soap is removed because if not, there will be little white dots when the furniture dries up.

Step 6

Using a dry towel or any piece of cloth wipe the whole surface and allow it to dry under the shade because direct sunlight always damages the mesh fabric.

How to Clean Plastic Mesh Patio Furniture 

What is Required 

  • Two gallons of warm water
  • Six tablespoons of oxygen bleach
  • A soft bristle brush 
  • Washing powder 

Step 1

Just like the fabric mesh use a soft bristle brush to scrub the debris/small stones and dirt. Use a toothbrush in small corners or tight spaces.

Step 2

Take a bucket of warm water and add one full cup of washing powder and also add six tablespoons of oxygen bleach (a half a cup). Make sure it has mixed well.

Step 3

Get a piece of a soft cloth and dip it in the solution. Staring with the front view, wipe it gently, and then repeat the procedure on the backside.

Step 4

Get a gallon of warm water and use it to rinse the furniture. Wash off the soap and use a dry towel to remove water droplets from the furniture. Allow the furniture to dry under the shade.

How to Clean the Arms and Frames of the Mesh Patio Furniture 

Just like any other furniture the mesh patio furniture has arms and a frame that should be cleaned. In a bucket of warm water, just add a tablespoon of washing powder. Use a piece of hard cloth to scrub the arms and the frame. Where the stains are stubborn use a soft bristle brush and use a toothbrush in the corners or small spaces.

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Sometimes your furniture can have wooden arms and frames. In this case, use half a cup of ammonia with warm water and slowly wipe the arms and frame. You are advised not to use ammonia on metallic arms and frames because it is an alkaline that can lead to oxidation hence rust. For metallic frames and arms make sure they are painted to avoid rust.

Benefits of Using Mesh Patio Furniture 

  • Free movement of water through the fabric 

Mesh fabric is woven in a way that there are small holes that allow water to pass. If you use the mesh patio furniture you will never see puddles of water on your furniture after a rainy day. 

Discoloration always develops from these standing puddles of water. Generally, you will never have soggy patio furniture or you will never worry about wiping off water from your outdoor furniture after every rainy day.

  • Does not require cushions 

Mesh patio furniture is made in a design that does not require one to have cushions. The design already provides the necessary support that you need. Because of this, the worry of drying up cushions after a rainy day is not a big deal. 

  • They can be stored/moved easily 

Mesh patio furniture is made of a frame and arms of an aluminum base. This makes the outdoor furniture easy to carry around. This makes some common work such as rearranging and storing be easy.

  • They are weather-resistant/durable

Mesh fabric, the aluminum frame, and arm make the mesh patio furniture strong/durable and also weather-resistant. The aluminum frame and arms are hard enough to resist any bends or dents. The mesh fabric is made of high-quality material that cannot age easily and resistant to wear and tear.

  • They can be maintained easily 
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This is because the fabric and the frame/arms can be cleaned using ordinary washing detergent or dishwashing powder. Because the fabric is water permeable, mold and mildew cannot develop on your patio furniture. 


Clean patio furniture is always attractive. The overall cleaning process should not take you too long. It is vital to get yourself the best cleaning supplies to ensure that you end up with a clean set of patio furniture. You can take more time to look at some YouTube videos to see how some DIYers clean their mesh furniture.