How Do I Choose Patio String Lights? 6 Tips to Consider

String lights remain some of the most common patio lights in the market. This might make you also want to consider them the next time you need to set up the string lights on your patio. For this reason, it is vital to know what factors to consider for choosing patio lights. When choosing patio

How Often Should You Replace Patio Furniture?

Patio furniture faces a lot of elements outdoors. This means that its lifespan may also be affected. Remember, patio furniture is built with the best durability in mind. For this reason, you should expect it to last as long as possible.  We mostly find patio furniture lasting for over 15 years with no problem. However,

How Do You Protect Outdoor Furniture From Sun Damage?

If you have previously experienced sun damage to your patio furniture, you know the importance of investing in the right protection methods.  Protecting your outdoor furniture from sun damage can involve many things, including UV protection sealants, patio covers, patio umbrellas, storing the furniture while not in use, and more.  The protection method often depends

Should You Cover Patio Furniture When It Rains? Find Out How

It is not a must for you to cover the patio furniture when it rains. The outdoor furniture manufacturers make this type of furniture to have the water-resistant protection it needs to remain in great condition always. However, this does not mean you should not take precautions to protect your patio furniture further when it

How Do You Protect Outdoor Furniture From Dust? 4 Tips to Use

Patio or outdoor furniture will likely be exposed to dust because of where it is placed. You should use patio covers, umbrellas, balcony covers, and an outdoor vacuum to help protect the outdoor furniture from dust.  Patio Covers Patio covers should be one of the methods you use to protect outdoor furniture from dust. The

Is Wrought Iron Good For Outdoor Furniture? Reasons Why

Wrought iron for a long time has been used to symbolize ruggedness and durability. That is why wrought iron outdoor furniture will last longer and keep providing the elegance you need for patio furniture.  Wrought iron is available in different styling including classic, contemporary, and transitional. This means that you have many options about what

Can Outdoor Patio Lights be used indoors?

Yes, outdoor lights can be used indoors. But it also depends on the type of patio light and the fixtures of the outdoor light. Outdoor lights are made to resist the harsh outdoor environment. For example, floodlights are too bright hence cannot be used indoors.  When outdoor lights are indoors, they only help with visibility.